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This is an invitation to all Basecamp users.

  • if you... use Mac and Basecamp
  • if you... send/receive messages ritually
  • if you... want super fast message and todo list browsing
  • if you... want to all attachments at your finger tip

We wanna invite you to test our new app – Atttach

Atttach is a 3rd-party Basecamp app for Mac. Atttach makes managing Basecamp comments, todos and attachments fast and easy.

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See Atttach in action...

Did you just have the design mockups ready? Drag-and-drop the files to Atttach. Type your message and "Send". Your message will be on Basecamp ready for others to comment.

Sign up the beta test program to try it yourself!

To know more about us and why we build this, check our blog or follow us @atttach.


Created by Headnix and Rodzilla